Drive for Motor Innovations

Foresee Drive is staffed by an experienced R&D group, expert production engineers, and a dedicated manufacturing team. We design and develop our brushless motors and their controllers in addition to our brushed motors. We have created and constructed eight different automated motor-production lines and eight production lines for controllers.

38 Motor Series

42 Motor Series

48 Motor Series

50 Motor Series

52 Motor Series

60 Motor Series

66 Motor Series


Foresee Drive manufactures an extensive array of products. We provide in-house customized machining solutions to reduce costs, decrease delivery time, and increase production efficiency. Our automated production lines combine robotics with the intelligent transport system and automated visual inspection to continually deliver the optimal product.

Foresee Drive has a comprehensive and consolidated manufacturing capability, from design to final testing for product manufacturing and quality assurance, with integrated product, system, sales, and logistics testing systems.

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